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EJ Davis Metal Building Products

Since 1953, EJ Davis has been providing the construction industry with high quality and cost effective insulation and building products. Today, besides insulation we also offer doors, SKYWEB safety systems and Elaminator installation services. Our laminated building insulation products are NAHB labeled as Certified to the ASHRAE 90.1 ENERGY CODE.

For retrofit projects, we offer the INSUL-BAR system utilizing 6, 8 or 10 full inches of insulation thickness. R-Values for the 6 inch are rated at R-19. The INSUL BASKET system is a unique top side installation utilizing a support grid system in lengths up to 12 feet.  This rolex replica watches heavy gauge galvanized steel system is custom made to fit any purlin spacing. Two grids per bay in each purlin space drop in from the topside and require NO fasteners or special tools.

ELAMINATOR  Series 300

 Improved Safety and Compliance:

                        *Reduces Risk at the leading edge
                                *Helps achieve compliance with current OSHA standards

            Increased Productivity:

                                              *Contributes to worker efficiency by eliminating stapled joints

                                                            *Provides unencumbered and clean work are

                                                            *Enables work to continue during windy conditions

The ELAMINATOR Insulation System has been found to be one of the most efficient ways to increase production with roof systems and provides superior thermal values to conventional methods of insulating roofs. With ELAMINATOR, you can provide a High R application for new construction without banding or other support hardware below. This system reduces the compression over the purlins/ bar joists because the first layer of insulation is installed between the purlins/ bar joists. A layer of backfill insulation is placed over the purlins to ensure complete coverage.



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